March 12, 2013

Pros and Cons of Sony Xperia Z

Sony's flagship invention Sony Xperia Z is creating buzz in 2013. This modern gadget has got a number of eyeballs on it and has been attracting various android buyers in Europe, USA and Asia.  The smartphone is bundled with full HD 5” screen along with an amazing resolution (1920×1080 pixels) and Thirteen MP camera that is capable enough to take more than 550 shots per minute which is incredible. This modern invention is the very first jellybean smartphone from Sony. Moreover, the amazing Sony Xperia Z is considered as one of the best quality designed smartphones. Other imposing features of Sony Xperia Z include:

  •          Industrial and weight casing
  •          Larger edge-to-edge screen
  •          Bravia Engine 2
  •          The high-end Exmor RS sensor
  •          Powerful quad-core processor
  •          Micro SD card slot
  •          Impressive Graphics
  •          550 hours battery
  •          Water-resistant
  •          Dust-proof
  •          NFC
  •          Bigger RAM
  •          HDMI capability

Feeling impressed? Well I got impressed too when I reviewed the above mentioned pros about Sony Xperia Z, since it appears promising and it was pretty hard to pinpoint the cons of this wonderfully designed android phone. But when I researched on it closely, I found some disadvantages so I thought; I must share them with my fellows. Here are the negative aspects that I have gathered during my research on sony Xperia Z.

Back and Front glass panel

Xperia Z has got killing appearance with back and front glass coating which plays a major role in outer-shell of the device. Though, it appears great but on the same time, it attracts fingerprints and dirt. Be it in black or white, if you buy it so those smudges will be visible on the phone.

No devoted camera key

It may not be as big issue for some, but certainly a worth noticing element that Xperia Z doesn't have a dedicated camera key. If Sony wanted to feature it as a camera phone, they could have included a dedicated camera key in it.

Missing smartTags

The own SmartTags of Xperia is not present as an ordinary accessory in Xperia Z. The smartphone supports beam features and has NFC. It doesn’t have any supported SmartTag application that can transfer information.

Other cons of Xperia Z include unimpressive screen quality, Lackluster viewing angles, Camera app is slow to open, Poor quality loudspeaker and last but not least it’s not a latest version of Android.

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