September 26, 2012

Detailed Review of Tetris Android Game

Tetris is one of the most famous puzzle games. The idea is very simple: figures consisting of four blocks fall from the top of the screen down. You should try to position them. If a complete line is filled with blocks, these blocks disappear. It is possible to have up to four lines simultaneously disappear. The blocks can be controlled with the touchscreen.  

There are two different game modes in Tetris. In 'Marathon', the aim is that you score as many points. There are different levels for both beginners and advanced. In later levels the blocks fall down faster and the targets (the amount of lines you need to get to complete a level) are higher. The second mode is the "Magic Mode. Here you earn power-ups to use during the game. There is a power-up blocks to reduce, making them easier in some holes. There is also a power-up to remove blocks, making holes in the board disappear. Personally I find Marathon - the original mode - a lot more fun than the Magic Mode. 
Tetris Graphic looks nice. The menu looks a bit childish by the different colors, but it fits with the game. The game screen is clear and tight. On the right you can see the blocks to come, while the bottom of the screen to see how the blocks fall when they fall down. I believe that Electronic Arts designed the best version as compared with other rip-offs in the Market. Yet I can also imagine that others prefer a more mature style .
You control the falling blocks with the touchscreen. Slide your finger left and right to the change position. A tap on the screen and the cube rotates around a quarter (this also works with the (optical) trackball). Slide your finger down to a block dropping. The first few minutes takes to get used to the controls, especially if you're used to Tetris on the Game boy.
Unfortunately it is not possible to play  tetris online against other players. It could have made this  game a lot more fun. Hopefully there is a multiplayer mode in a subsequent update of Tetris. I expect that such a mode this game a lot more interesting to buy.

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