Latest technological trends

Every new advancement and trend in technology is taken as a breakthrough and adds to the list of ‘next big things’. But it is also important to remember that not every emerging technology can alter the business or a social landscape. However, some do have the potential to alter the way people live and work. It is therefore critical for every individual,business and policy leader to realize that which technology will be affecting them positively. Given below are some recent trends in technology that may influence our life patterns.
Emotion watch
Tokyo Flash launched the 'Emotion Watch' to measure your emotions while you're on the go. This concept watch has a stethoscope and thermometer to look at the emotions that you're experiencing. It also has a panel on the right portion of the watch to gauge how much love you're experiencing while the left panel lets you know the time.

It can also determine how much love you're experiencing by measuring your pulse and temperature. When your pulse and temperature increase, i

t increases the  love score on the watch as well. As a result you never have to be clueless about your emotions again.

Electric Mop:
This remote controlled electric mop is ideal for lazy people who don't want to clean as this Mop will clean dust while you sit back. For anyone whose mother ever told them to get off the couch and do their chores, it is definitely a sneaky side step around that request.


This electric mop is powered by four AA batteries and the transmitting device requires additional two AA batteries. The yellow duster has a white handle on top so that it cleans without using the radio controller. It’s control is in black colour with an antenna and is fairly self-evident to use.
The 'Peek' App for Eye Ailments:
The 'Peek' app works to allow users to do eye exams by using smartphone technology developed by the researchers at the London School of hygiene and Tropical Medicine to help people in developing areas keeping their eyes healthy and named it the Portable Eye Examination Kit or Peek.

The Peek is able to scan the eye to check for diseases as well as other problems. It works to look for visual acuity, color vision, visual field and contrast sensitivity. The app does most of its testing through the smartphone's camera and the diseases are checked for by using a bright light to scan the eye.

Bluetooth location tracker to find lost items:

Not being able to find your keys when running out the door is a nuissance that may make you late but the Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Location Tracker can resolve this issue. This Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Location Tracker can be affixed to just about anything to track it up to 100 feet of your position with two remote sensors in the kit and an access to the sophisticated locator app.

This device is not only just great for keys but can also be placed in wallets or even on a child as its Virtual Leash function can send you an alert when the locator has moved beyond a certain distance.

Tiny Telescope for Phone Cameras:

The DCKINA telescope for phone cameras enables you to zoom up to 9 times closer and is ideal for capturing moments at concerts or sports games.
The Telephoto Lens is like a miniature elongated DSLR lens protruding from your phone. There is a  manual focus ring that it has which allows you to adjust accordingly for the clearest shot. If you're an artistic photographer ,having this toy is surely a fun for your smartphone.

It is undoubtedly true that the potential benefits of the technologies discussed here are tremendous but so are the challenges of preparing for their impact.
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